We are working on a book on technical organization management with a specific focus on building an organization that can deliver software to production consistently, over time. It just so happens that those organizations tend to be exciting places to work and make great products. To accomplish that goal, we focus on a discrete model for managing organizations.

This book will be useful, focused, and provide actionable steps that you can take to move yours towards greater success. We are writing this book publicly, so expect things to change regularly. We would love your feedback. If there is an area that we haven't covered that you think we should, would like more detail in an area, let us know.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Part 1: The Model
    1. The Model
    2. Designing For Growth
    3. Transitioning an Organization
    4. Measuring Performance
  3. Part 2: Transitioning the Organization
    1. Why Change Usually Fails
    2. Getting the Organization on Board
    3. Designing Teams and the Architecture to Support Them
    4. Making Hard Decisions
    5. Growing the Organization
  4. Part 3: Reference
    1. Provide Clear Goals
    2. Create an Effective Recruiting System
    3. Hire Well
    4. Fire Well
    5. Promote Well
    6. Clearly Set Expectations for the Role and Growth
    7. Effectively Mentor Your Team
    8. Guide the Growth of Your Team
    9. Choose the Right Technologies
    10. Find and Fix Problems